Who are you,.

to claim likeness

as you failed system confine

pitting, and murdering life?

To each their own untouchable right.

Subservient of no other, anything.

LiFe,. iS The GiFT!
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say it straight, say it, SayiT, SayiTstraight.iNFo,
say what you mean, sounds, ViBeS, tribes, liKes
diSliKes - whoooo cares, like you are saying
make sense, common sense, real sense, real reality
oh rightly so i say, DOMAIN NAME BASED
The Original You, The Original Original,
With The Artist In Mind
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Free Souls Freeing ALL - NO Babylonian BRAINED penmens sKiTs PRETENDING required NOR allowed -  " Why to think tainting something with what most opt from?
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Did i mention something about,. DOMAIN BASED DOMAINING?
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Ministry Order - Free Souls Freeing ALL - Christ Returned
You couldnt possibly be correct in your assumption that you and your likeminded somehow gathered
could ever possibly comprehend causing this life, for all gifted it, onto flourishing
as you obviously have chosen to piT poison and murder iT.



Who are you,. to claim likeness as you failed system confine pitting and murdering life?

Selling,. AFTER life, and aspirations of GRANDEUR in DEATH.. NONE, will ever prove?

Free Souls freeing ALL!

One gifted living easily relates gifting life.

Christ Returned Ministry? - Got nothing to do with,. christianity ;p

Only the woke up could grasp something requiring one to be awake in order to acquire.

No BABYLONIAN " belief culture " sKiT.. of ANY SORT



Understand that.. and minding your own business..

not raping our children in our, public education nor government

with your perverted MARRYING into for tax system rewards iidiosies

the HOLDing of  the BANNERs the rapist government and YOUR peers

gave you to hold,. that we opted from long ago..

The inner light you were gifted to living with,. MIGHT.. show thru.

LiFe,. is the giFT!

Christ Returned - The Original You! -  WebsiteDoiTyouself.iNFo


World Order Assembly - MINISTRY OF ORDER - The Greatest Ministry On Earth - CHRIST RETURNED

Say iT BesT with DOMAINS and EXTENSIONS that Say iT BesT!