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Did i mention something about,. DOMAIN BASED DOMAINING?
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Christ Return, Christ Returned, Christ Returns, You couldnt, possibly, be correct, assumption. you and your, likeminded, gathered, could ever possibly comprehend, causing this life, for all gifted it, onto, flourishing, as you obviously, chosen to piT, poison and murder iT, pisS iT up, f@c iT, tRuCK iT, speedy went whereever went, way, oh way, oh.. i am slow, i am on the go, i somehow seem to get around, around around, i get around, oh
nevermind nevermind, real reality is hard to find, NOT, kNOT, knot up on yer noggin with a nerf bat club went tHuMp, thuMp ThUmp, sounded like ker-plUnK, punk PuNK, yer a say yer not, oh,
pull another stick, do another, ok dont, quick, wit, gotta go, i mean, im back, you know, oh, jack, jack, jaCK be nimble jack be quick, jack it turns out, iS.. a, biG f@Cn.. -  jack of ALL loOse EnDs!
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You couldnt possibly be correct in your assumption that you and your likeminded somehow gathered could ever possibly comprehend causing this life, for all gifted it,
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